Oscar Cabero Ramos


⛩ Hi, my name is Oscar Cabero Ramos (As Know as Xhufflis)


I am the Founder of the Shuffle Showcase Network, a worldwide entity connecting more than 1 Milion Dancers and communities around the globe ? I have achieved this by connecting people under a common project, creating unique content, organising Tournaments and teaching Masterclasses.


My motivation is to bring my crazy ideas to life through Video and Design. I have also helped companies, personal coaches and entrepreneurs communicate their vision and build a personal brand that reports them leads and awareness

Professional Dancer

International Teacher & Judge

Content Creator

Working with Influencers worlwide

Event Manager

I’m co-Founder of «The Showcase League»

??‍?Teacher: Professional teacher with more than 5 years of experience teaching in international projects. I have taught masterclasses for +300 people. I have also guided other teachers in different countries to help them professional and evolve.


?Judge: Judge for the MOST PRESTIGIOUS Shuffle Tournament: TSL (The Showcase League). I have also been part of the jury in a number of tournaments worldwide (Russian Shuffle on Tour, Masters of Shuffle, The World Battle and more).    


??Dancer: My professional team of dancers, NEXTGCREW, and I have performed big DJs like Albert Gonzales in the main stage of big music festivals such as Tomorrowland Unite, Barcelona Beach Festival, Holika and AG Festival.

?Content Creator: Let me use my skills to bring your ideas to life and surprise your audience. I can shoot, direct or just edit your video, the only limit is creativity.  


?Personal Branding : Let me help you grow your brand. I will sharpen your brand’s point of view in a way that will touch your audience. I have a passion for creating strategies that will reach more people, and I can also create content for your social media..

?Event Maker: Tell me your idea for a DANCE EVENT. Do you need professional dancers? A choreography for the main stage? Perhaps a masterclass that will help strengthen your community? Whatever you need, my experience and networking skills might be the key ingredient to your success!


✈️Tour: Ever thought about Shuffle Showcase visiting your country? Let’s get in touch and host an event that will spread dance culture and help your community grow!


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